Rifugio Chiadinas

Comeglians | Telefono: - | Cellulare: +393472287946

HEIGHT: 1934 mt
Time traveled: 00:00 h
Mountain group: Monte Crostis

Bed and breakfast


Half board with breakfast

€ 45

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Located at 1934 meters above sea level, on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Crostis, in the municipality of Comegliàns, the Refuge was inaugurated in 2002.

The wide alpine prairie where the structure stands is just a few steps from the "Panoramica delle Vette", 11 kilometers from Tualiis, and can also be reached by car, motorbike and mountain bike from Ravascletto (the entire road ring is about thirty of kilometers).

The Monte Crostis area is renowned for its large pastures and numerous mountain huts and as a starting point for numerous excursions of all levels, from the walk to Lake Taront, also suitable for children, to the itineraries towards the Cogliàns massif and the Marinelli refuges and Lambertenghi-Romanin, for hikers

Furthermore, there are numerous testimonies of the First World War in the surrounding area.

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How to get

On foot: from Tualis following CAI path 151 (3.30-4 hours), from Givigliana CAI path 151 (3.30 hours), from Collina paths CAI 150 and 174 (3.30-4 hours) and from Ravascletto CAI 153 (4 hours).

By car, motorbike or bicycle: from Comeglians towards Tualis following the “Panoramica delle Vette”, or from Ravascletto to Casera Valsecca on a paved road, to continue on a dirt road towards Casera Tarondon, Tarondut and Crostis.

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Indoor / outdoor dining areas


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Rooms / Beds / Bathrooms

4 bedrooms 20 beds 2 bathrooms

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Main excursions

Monte Crostis, "Panoramica delle Vette" road.

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Open from June to September

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    HEIGHT: 1934 MT
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