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Are you a Chalet owner or a holiday home in the mountains?

With the DYNAMIC PAGE of mountbnb you will have an easy to use, practical and above all VISITED page!

We will make your page visible and clicked to those looking for a holiday home in the mountains: you can receive direct and immediate booking requests (without any commission!).


1) Access your AREA whenever and wherever you want (even from smartphones!), Make changes to your texts and manage images.
2) Insert news and images of your chalet and events in the area that will appear on mountbnb and facebook.
3) Recommend excursions or activities in the area that will appear on mountbnb and on facebook.
4) Look in evidence on mountbnb and on facebook.
5) Make your chalet known to the foreign public thanks to the English and German translations of your page (the first translation is done by us!)
6) Integrate or replace your website with your mountbnb page, much easier to use and much less expensive.

USE THE MOUNTBNB ​​STRENGTH AND INSERT HERE BELOW the email address you used to sign up on mountbnb.

RECEIVE YOUR LOGIN NOW! The cost is € 49
 for 2021 (without any renewal obligation!).

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We help you advertise your Shelter.

The answers to your most frequent questions on the Dynamic Page

Is your website visited or not?

A website can become burdensome if you have to pay someone to keep it up-to-date and clearly visible. All for what result? Maybe those looking for a shelter in a specific area can not even find it because the website does not appear on the first pages of research.
Should you have a web page of your shelter?

YES: if the site is always up-to-date and "customer-friendly", which is said to be the longest in Italian, means navigable from desktops, tablets and smartphones, making navigation easier and therefore booking.

NO: if the site is not edited, or it is obsolete and not easily viewable by smartphone, difficult to follow or change its contents, maybe because you have to contact (... and pay!) Your own graphic or webmaster to do it.

Why is it important to be present on

Mountbnb already enjoys a very high indexing on the web, and continues to grow by receiving hundreds of visits a day from people looking for a shelter. Often mountbnb always appears as the first result!
I already have a website with a domain and I do not want to lose it, even if I can not update it and record very few visits. How can I do?
The possibilities are two. The simplest is to keep only the domain and redirect it on their mountbnb page: this operation that costs nothing will not lose the indexing earned over time on google and even that audience that already knows the site. For more who will return to the site, will see a renewal of information and graphics and will be encouraged to come back!

Why should I access my mountbnb page?
By accessing your own page - the owner or someone for him - at any time (even from a smartphone) you can change your shelter data in real time, insert new images, publish important information, advertise events in the area, news, excursions and useful information. THE MOST ACTIVE ARE AWARDED BY MOUNTBNB: all the news are published on the homepage and on the social networks, greatly increasing the accesses to your card (SEE:

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