Disclaimer - Exemption from liability

The information contained in this website are regularly checked and updated diligently. However, the data may be subjected to variations after their publication on this website and some new facts can come up, even if not detected in the previous publishings. We keep the objective of making possible, visiting this site, the learning of accurate and complete news, but at the same time we won’t make a formal commitment about the timetable for the information updating and we do not guarantee the usage that the reader would like to do with it. In addition, we do not take the responsibility for the accuracy of the webisites’ content you can acces to through the links in our page. We reserve the right to modify and rectify all the information on this website at any tima and without warning.

In our specific case, related to the mountain context, we’d like to clarify:
  1. All the information about the viability, the weather and the hikings’ difficulties are given by the shelter manager, the author, or other people, but they can’t be accused in case of discrepancy, since every itinerary must be examined very carefully based on your own abilities and your instructor’s ones.
  2. Check always the maps and seek information among the area’s authorities before every hike or activity: they might be aware of important details in some difficult passages that you’re going to face and that might not be reported. Whenever you don’t feel sure, give up and go back.
  3. Dress up in an appropriate way based on altitude, seasons and the type of path you’re willing to carry out. Always wear mountain boots and bring always with you your equipment, even when it’s not reported.
  4. Keep always properly informed about the weather conditions: it can change very quickly on the mountains, creating some dangerous situations.
  5. The author of this website isn’t a mountain guide: in case of doubts, confusion or need of information, contact and call qualified guides with the numbers that you can find among tourist offices or similar places. This website is not a guide: it can’t be considered a replacement of the suitable material.
  6. We don’t take the legal responsibility for possible damages or injuries that could happen along the reported paths. The use of the information on this website will always be on your own risk. In fact, the information contained in our website are the result of personal experiences and opinions that, even with the objective of giving a quality service, can’t guarantee (because of regulatory amendments, downgrading, changes in management structures, natural disasters, social or political factors, prices variations or others) the accuracy, the completeness and the reliability of our content.
  7. The author is not required to remove from the website the information no longer up to date, or report them as old ones. The content available on the website doesn’t replace the official ones reported in the websites of tourist accomodations, reservation sites, tourist institutions, restaurants, ecc.
  8. The user expressly accepts that the author and / or his collaborators can not be held responsible in any way (including negligence), for damages, costs, losses and expenses - direct, indirect or consequential - arising from the use of this site , by relying on the information contained in it or by relying on the answers provided by the author in the comments and / or sent by e-mail to questions submitted by the user, therefore aware not to apply to an official channel in charge of disclosing information.

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